Deal of the Day: 66% off Nikon V1

Nikon V1

Nikon V1

I saw this incredible price a couple of days ago and I’m surprised it’s still available.

B&H Photo in New York City has a brand new black Nikon V1 on sale for $299. To underscore how incredible this price is, back a little over a year ago, this camera was introduced at $900. All I can say is Nikon’s pain is your gain. B&H is one of the premier camera stores in New York. It is not some disreputable, hole in the wall.

What’s interesting is that while the less expensive J1 has also fallen in price, it still sells for more ($399) than the premium V1. The V1’s main advantage, it has an electronic viewfinder (EVF). Its disadvantage, it’s larger, heavier, it doesn’t have a built-in flash and it’s not as cute (no red and pink models).

I’ve been a bit critical about Canon and Nikon lately but the V1 is a great camera for a certain type of person. If you want a small camera with fast focus and nice video, this may be your opportunity. Of course it will run circles around any point and shoot in both speed and image quality. It is really DLSR responsiveness in a smaller package. And unlike other mirrorless cameras that tend to be weak for action and sports, this V1 should do great.

Am I going to get one? I’m really tempted but probably not. The image quality of my Olympus cameras are better and they are physically smaller. Unlike many “serious” photographers, I’m fine without an EVF. While the speed is nice, I don’t shoot sports with my mirrorless cameras — I still have my DSLR for that. About the only thing that I really want is a better video but that isn’t a big enough reason.

Should you get one? This could be a spectacular deal for some people. If you want a small, mirrorless camera with really snappy performance, this could be it. I hear the camera is also popular with the birding and digiscoping crowd. Also, if you are a Nikon DSLR shooter with Nikkor lenses, it might be interesting to use your lenses (with an adapter) on this little V1.

10 thoughts on “Deal of the Day: 66% off Nikon V1

  1. Boy, a camera that would allow me to digiscope, adapt a big lens for birding, or simply shoot around for my everyday use. Suddenly, I am considering selling my DSLR.

  2. It’s not really that small – go to 1:30 here

    The severe discounting is worrysome. The deep discounts are a double edged sword. In future iterations, the discounts will now be expected, and that’s not a great thing for the market as a whole. I wish they would just price the stuff right. The original $900 or so MSRP was just way too out of whack for this CX sensor camera.

    BTW I got a Cameta email today advertising a Nikon Refurb blowout. I found this 55-200 for $109 free shipping.

    I don’t have this lens but I have used it. It was not an expensive lens at original price. While it’s pretty slow it does have its merits. It’s a great buy for someone looking to go long on a very tight budget.

    1. Not really small given the sensor size but the body is still a lot smaller than an DLSR’s. Yeah, I commented last year that the Nikon 1 prices were high. I guess Nikon found out that the market thought so too.

      $109 sounds great, too bad I don’t have a Nikon DSLR. But wait, If I put that lens on a Nikon V1, I can get a 540mm camerašŸ˜‰

      1. While that sounds tempting, you have to keep expectations reasonable. The results will not be stellar. I threw a 70-200 on the PEN, and keep in mind that I freehanded the test pics

        There a lot of diffraction, and there would be even more with the smaller CX sensor of the V1. Some guys are doing it, but I’ve never see a full res image posted (then again I have not looked that hard). I would want to see some full res stuff before making expensive scope/lens commitments.

        Pekka Potka did some tests of long Zuiko 150mm and 90-250mm glass on an OM-D sensor. The results were “ok”, but not great. Link:

      2. Thanks for the info, Libby. No risk here of doing this, I don’t have any Nikkon lenses and I have no plans of putting any of Canon lenses on the Olympus. Interesting to see the effects of diffraction.

      3. I am going to do some retested but next time with a tripod. I can tell you that even with a stellar Nikon prime, if you get backlight direct front into the camera the results are crap no matter what

  3. I have disliked this camera and all it’s concepts! I would NOT carry it, even for free! The SMALL sensor makes lenses so long, flash another problem. Once again the re-invent of the past with a “System” camera. Like analog photography, only appealing to a small market. I love FILM! I dislike this and the more idiotic Pentax, with smaller sensor and “Toy” lenses. The market has voted with their purses elsewhere. Cellphones.
    Everything in ONE place.The new i-phone has great resolution, color and extreme mobility. This comment from perhaps the last person on planet, WITHOUT a cellphone..
    For me it’s small digital point and shoots. Those special shoots are on film. My lenses still some of the best, without weird magenta/color filters or edge distortions, banding, aberration and missed focus on my Leica because the needed accuracy of the sensor. I use SLR more. I prefer a real clear pentaprism, only available at Mega bucks. The EVF so preferred, on another blog, has a harsh,so unreal look. Better to go blind looking at the screen. OH! man wants his soapbox back! End of rant..

    1. I completely agree that the Pentax Q is a silly camera. The Nikon 1 series is better than that especially for the target market. You and I are not really that market, of course.

      My guess. Nikon figured that enough “soccer moms” that wanted a fast camera but didn’t want the bulk of an SLR would like this thing.

      What I’ve always thought is that they completely mis-priced this thing. $900 is a crazy price.

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