Random Diary – Introduction

I’m dabbling with something new on my site — this is the first attempt. And if it works out, it might grow into something significant and run parallel with my daily blog postings. If not, it will die a quiet death.

I’ve been blogging for a dozen years now, and the nature and purpose of the blog have changed. It was July 2, 2016, when I started daily blog posts — more than 2000 posts in a row (as of the end of December 2021). My first posts were terse because it was painful to write every day. But if you do something every day — for 2000 days in a row — things get easier. Writing became fluid and even more enjoyable. Then I started a monthly newsletter, but there was a problem.

Both my daily blog posts and monthly newsletters are highly structured. My daily posts follow a theme and pattern. Some are subtle, and some are explicitly spelled out. My newsletters follow a structure too. Instead, I want a place where I can write random bits of observations — unstructured both in form and cadence. The Random Diary is what resulted.

I’ll add to the Random Diary when I feel like it. When I have something to say. I can discuss topics separately from the blog without breaking its narrative posting flow. Most will be photography-related. However, be forewarned, I might branch into other topics.

atmtx, January 2022