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From time to time, I will have links to a few vendors where I purchase my products. If you feel inclined to support this free site, please consider clicking on these link when purchasing a product. Your price for the product does not change; you do not pay extra. What happens is the affiliate store such as Amazon will pay me a small commission for a sale that I direct their way. Everyone benefits. You, the reader, get my product opinion and get the same low price you normally do. The store gets a sale and I get a few bucks. I don’t expect to get rich from doing this but any money I earn will help me fund additional purchases that I will inevitably review here.

My objective is to keep this blog focused on the photographs. There are plenty of equipment review sites out there and I don’t intend to become yet another site hawking products and just doing reviews. I love photography and I hope my experience will help you to become a better photographer. I will talk about the stuff I’m using or thinking about using and give my real word opinions about them.

In the online world, there are 3 places where I purchase my brand new photography gear. They are, B&H Photo and Adorama. Please click on one these links first, right here, before buying your products, that will tell these stores that I have referred you to them. These three places usually have similar prices but I usually check all three just to make sure. Sometimes, one has a special promotion or may have free shipping which may tip the balance. If you find an online price lower than what these 3 places are charging, I would be cautious. These three stores are reputable and have good customer satisfaction. Watch out for places with significantly lower prices, they may have dubious practices or may try to charge you extra for accessories that are typically included for free.

For used equipment, I check two places online. I have bought several used Canon and Olympus gear from Adorama and have always had good luck. Usually, used gear does not have to original packaging but no need to worry. Adorama has always packaged their gear in layers of bubble wrap and plastic bags that makes me confident. I have also purchased a couple of factory refurbished Olympus cameras from Cameta camera. Cameta is now the place I go first for looking at nicely priced refurbished Olympus gear. Again, if you are planning to buy any used or refurbished equipment, please click on Adorama or Cameta Camera links, on this page, before buying anything from them.

Locally, I purchase my equipment at Precision Camera in Austin, Texas. They are not as big as B&H or Adorama but they try their best to be price competitive. And for people who live in Central Texas, it’s great to have a local full service camera store like Precision Camera. I try my best to balance out my purchases online and at Precision because I like to support the local store whenever I can.