Freshly Pressed, the 2nd time is still a charm

atmtx on Freshly Pressed, a 2nd time

atmtx on Freshly Pressed, a 2nd time

Thank you to the editors of for selecting my post for the honor of “Freshly Pressed” for the second time. Freshly Pressed is a section of the site that showcases blogs on their site. This time, my post Proof: creativity not determined by price made it on their list. Certainly the bump in viewership is always welcome but more than that, it is always gratifying to be recognized by one’s peers.

While my first Freshly Pressed post, 2012 Chinese New Year Celebration in Austin is completely original, it is a Photo Essay on an event that I attended, this latest post is different. This time, I linked the primary content to showcase someone else’s work, the spectacular work of Dan Chung at The Guardian. Sure, I added my perspective and tied what he did to a point I was trying to make. But this is the first time I really referenced someone else’s work as the central theme. In the past, I was wary of just linking to someone else’s work; I always wanted to create original content. I’m beginning to change this stance, somewhat. I’m still believe in creating original content but I now think it makes sense to included works by others that fit into the narrative of this blog site.

Earlier today, I linked to a YouTube video which I found inspirational, (Re)touching lives through photos. It fits into my belief about the power of still photography. I’ll add more nuggets from the web but will continue to mix it with my point of view. Of course I will continue to add original content as well. Hopefully, as always, you will find these interesting and even worthwhile.

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