I believe we can make great photographs with humble gear. Though I equally enjoy using top-of-the-line equipment. However, using cameras with limitations makes us stronger. From film, to early digital, to modern high-tech cameras — they all have their place.

I love capturing urban life, especially in the evening. I seek color, the glow of lights, and reflections. I dabble in street photography because the city is more than just buildings. I aspire to capture the mundane in an interesting way.

I started this blog in 2010, growing to over 2700 posts. I discuss gear, do equipment reviews and sprinkle in some philosophy. I feature photographs of my travels, events, and things man-made.

I use cameras from different brands, though I have a soft spot for Fujifilm and Olympus. I’m a collector with over 50+ classic film and digital cameras. Gear is good, collecting is fun, but ultimately it’s about the photographs and the stories that surround them.

Hi, I’m Andy, and I live in Austin, Texas. Welcome and thank you for visiting.

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My watermarked images are under a non-commercial creative commons license. Photos on this blog may be used and downloaded for non-commercial purposes, just give me credit and link back to this site. Also, please do not alter the image and remove the watermark. My creative commons gallery has many of my images in multiple sizes.

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