Do you want to take great photos without straining your back?
You don’t need a large backpack full of gear.

I use to be a typical photo enthusiast. I got a big DSLR, the Canon 6D, with a bunch of lenses. I took decent enough photos, but it got old carrying around all that gear. I figured out that with the latest technology, there is a better way.

My blog is about taking great photographs with light and inexpensive gear. Something that you can use everyday or bring on a trip around the world.

I take most of my photos with mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras — specifically the Olympus Pens. I still use my DSLR once in a while, but I’m using it less and less. I also shoot a lot with my Fujifim X100S, a retro-inspired high end compact camera.

I hope you find inspiration and I can help you to break free of the heavy gear and enjoy photography again.

About Me

I’m an Austin, Texas based photographer mainly taking images of Urban Landscapes. I like the city, the architecture and the urban life. I especially like evening and night photography. I seek out color, the glow of lights and interesting shapes. I dabble in street photography because the city is more than buildings. It makes me happy when I capture the mundane in an interesting way — seeing details that we miss everyday.

Look at my portfolio to see the best of my work.

Contact Me

Flickr: atmtx
Facebook: Atmtx Photography Page
Twitter: atmtxphoto
Google+: Andy Atmtx
Instagram: atmtx

Share My Photos

My watermarked images are under a non-commercial creative commons license. Photos on my blog and mostlyfotos may be used and downloaded for non-commercial purposes. Feel free to use these images on your blogs but please link back to my blog post or mostlyfotos to let them know where you got the photo. Also please do not alter the image and remove the watermark. There are several places to get these photos. My creative commons gallery has many of my images in multiple sizes.

Purchase / Licensing Photos

If you like a photograph, you can buy them from my gallery. I also have commercial licenses if you want to use an image for your business or organization.

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  1. I’ve seen some of your photographs:) and I am really impressed. Im studying photography, your work is really interesting. Keep it up!! and please keep me updated.🙂

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