West Austin Studio Tour

The West Austin Studio Tour is run by the same organization that runs the East Austin Studio Tour. The western art tour, which started in 2011 is a lot younger than the eastern tour which started back in 2003. It makes sense the an art exhibition started in East Austin, that’s where traditionally the inexpensive facilities were located. Much like the once inexpensive SoHo was a mecca for artists in New York City.

I gotta admit that I’ve never been on the West Austin Studio Tour. In fact, I only attended my first East Austin Studio Tour last year. But that event had a lasting effect on me. Not only because of the wonderful opportunities for candid portraits and street photography, but because of impact of the art on my creative ideas.

For that reason, I’m considering making my first visit to the West Tour. I’m sure the dynamics are really different. I heard that the studios are more individual spaces and not the bigger community facilities in the east. I’ll have to go and get my own impressions.

I suspect the West Austin Tour is another chance to make portraits of artists or candid snapshots. I made the rather goofy photo above at the East Austin Tour. Most importantly, however, it’s a chance to meet artists and get inspired.


Go to the West Austin Studio Tour website to see the location of artist studios and galleries.

Official West Austin Studio Tour Site

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