An Olympus E-P5 might be real after all

A couple of posts ago, I talked about being in limbo between the Olympus OM-D and The E-PL5. In that post, I concluded that while the new E-PL5 is a solid upgrade, what I really wanted was a E-P3 with the OM-D’s 16MP sensor. It turns out that a E-P5, or whatever Olympus decides to call it, is still alive. The short video all but confirms a successor to the E-P3.

Unfortunately, the timing might now work for me. I was hoping to get a new camera with the snazzy 16MP sensor by the end of the year. There is no indication from the video of when the E-P3 successor will be announced. Furthermore, there is a district possibility the camera may go upscale with more prosumer features. Perhaps with a built-in EVF. This means that there will still be a confusing array of Olympus micro 4/3 cameras in a narrow price range and for me, it doesn’t make anything easier. I still need to decide what to get next.

If I were getting rid of my E-P3, then things become easier. I wouldn’t need to match the user interface of the E-P3 with my next Olympus camera. That is one of the reasons I’m not completely taken with the OM-D E-M5. The control interface is different enough that there is no physical continuity between the OM-D and Pen lines. Sure the menu system is very similar and of course they use the same lenses but when shooting, the adjustments for aperture, exposure compensation and ISO are completely different.

I have no plans of getting rid of my E-P3. Therefore, I need to think of my next camera purchase holistically, as part of an overall Olympus system. It’s too bad Olympus hasn’t designed their lines with this in mind. Such considerations would have made it easier for Pen users to step up to an OM-D and maintain continuity.

4 thoughts on “An Olympus E-P5 might be real after all

  1. Sometimes I’m glad I can’t afford another camera. It just simplifies the choices. Honestly, I like the E-P3. It isn’t perfect, but it’s the closest I’ve gotten to a perfect camera for most things I want to do. I also appreciate your updates and perspective. You pretty much always talk about the issues that concern me. Thanks!

    1. I’m hoping they’re working on inserting an EVF to compete with the feature set of the NEX-6. It is the EVF that caused me to buy the EM5, but a smaller even stealthy camera with EVF would fit my needs.

      Peter F.

      1. fishingwithflies, maybe they will do that. It will be interesting how this new E-P3 replacement will be differentiated from the E-M5.

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