Bright Lights on a Rainy Night

Bright Lights on a Rainy Night - Austin, Texas

Bright Lights on a Rainy Night – Austin, Texas

It’s been a busy week and I’m just getting caught up with my postings. Last weekend, I went on two photography events. On Saturday, there was the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk. On Sunday, I went out to Smithville for the fourth annual Texas Photo Festival. Then during the week, I hopped out to California for several days on a business trip. Between these three activities, I have loads of new photographs to post and to talk about for future blog entries. It’s always a fun challenge to feed the blog beast with new content.

Tonight, I want to showcase a photograph I took during the World Wide Photowalk. In many ways, this image captures the mood of that rainy night. In Austin, there were several different Scott Kelby photowalks. I, of course, chose the one at night, lead by my friend Alex. I’m sure my regular blog readers know that I like the evening light especially for urban landscapes. This photo combines several elements that I like. Elements that I don’t always succeed in capturing, so I’m happy when it all falls into place.

So why do I like this image? First, there is the glow of light that always attracts me. And it’s harder than you think to find strong sources of light. Austin, like many U.S. cities, is not brightly lit. This is in stark contrast to the mega Asian cities like Tokyo where the ambient light at night can be surprisingly bright. In this photo, the light is courtesy of the Paramount theater on Congress Avenue. Next, there are all those great reflections that amplify the glow. We get a nice reflection off the car window but there is also a satisfying shine off the rain-soaked streets. Finally, that bright and contrasting color adds a bit of punch. Both the yellow and the purple are again supplied by the Paramount.

I think the dark shadows, the urban look, and the rain all captures the feel of that night. There were several bouts of rain that threatened to cut short our photowalk. For the most part, we were lucky and the bad weather held off. A final light shower added that bit of sparkle. All that’s needed is some Jazz and a cocktail to complete the scene.

Have a great Sunday evening.

Please make sure to click on the photograph to see a larger image and hover over the photo to see the exposure details.

6 thoughts on “Bright Lights on a Rainy Night

  1. When I used to go down to NJ etc to shoot some of those quirky 1960s type diners, I used to wait for that intermittent rainy nite. Even if you have crap pavement, it will wind up looking good.

  2. like your image. important to find the area that can make an image..that’s where pros should shine? not always. one needs that eye to see, the nose to sniff out a place and time, finger push the more images..please.
    the joy of digital.. it sees in the dark! the ISO thing not really correct. i use my small digital as meter for film, which sort of works, but not in lower light availability.
    here we had largest Zombie Walk in world. Toronto really went into this, 10,000!
    My first Zombie Walk was a found event, no knowledge of what was coming towards me, as i snapped the streets! Sure i laughed. After! Long after..
    Oh! on my small P/S Canon 1200, did 500 images..B/W, color, vivid color, toy camera feature, many with flash..

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