A big thanks to Marilyn

Marilyn Armstrong over at Serendipity blog nominated me for the blog of the year award. Best I can tell, this isn’t any official endorsement from some blog committee — it’s a personal honor given by individuals — friends — from within the community. And for this, I am very grateful.

Much of what makes the web special are still the small peer-to-peer connections. Like any growing system, the big guys continue to become bigger and threaten to monopolize the most scarce resource we have — time. But I feel lucky that almost anyone these days can publish their thoughts to a world-wide audience. The many who blog collectively add richness and color to a place that otherwise may be dominated by corporate interests and low-grade spammy filler.

Part of me feels guilty for not being more active within the blogging community. Of course I can make excuses about being busy, we all are. Yes, the two blogs and the photography take up much of my free time. Kind of crazy but perhaps it is an outlet. A creative outlet arranging photons and words that balances my increasingly analytical world.

I do, however, need to visit and comment on more blogs. At least things are trending that way. I recently realized that, as well as not watching TV, I hardly ever go to main stream media websites. Blogs from people who I trust and respect are now my source of knowledge and entertainment.

While there is some level of self-satisfaction in creating a tiny, personal corner on the internet, it’s aways thrilling to get feedback from one’s audience. Marilyn has some very kind and encouraging words and I am truly grateful.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “A big thanks to Marilyn

  1. For whatever it’s worth, I trust your opinion when I won’t trust any of the “official” testing sites. I have found that real user/photographers understand what I want to know. The official testers on the big sites give me statistics and laboratory results that don’t add up to the things I want to know: “Does it take good pictures? Are the colors satisfying? Does it feel good in your hands?” I don’t really care how many lines per inch are visible in a lab tests. I’m not taking pictures of lines on a page. You have been a major resource for me … and you might be very surprised to discover how many people come to MY site to read YOUR reviews!

    1. Wow, that is great to hear. I know what you mean about the clinical testing sites. They have their purpose and I’m glad they are available but they really don’t inspire.

      Photography bloggers really use their equipment and hopefully make photographs that inspire and show how a piece of gear may be useful.

      Could there be a more boring photo job than taking sample pictures for those testing site 😉

  2. Bravo! Congratulations, Andy! That is well deserved recognition.

    Though there is a place for technical analysis measuring this and that, your practical evaluation of equipment is useful for people who simply want to know if it takes good photographs, is easy to use/handle, and whether it was enjoyable to use.

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