My first street photograph

The Photo Booth, Victoria Station - London, England

The Photo Booth, Victoria Station – London, England

Sticking with my European theme and following my previous Netherlands posting, here’s a picture from London, England. This may be my first ever street photograph. Street photography before I knew what street photography was. I didn’t know much. I just took snap shots with my Pentax point and shoot, with film, of course.

The year was 1986. For my senior year of college, I wanted to party in Fort Lauderdale, at least once, like many did during spring break. That changed when my friend found an incredible deal. Round trip airfare to London, a week of hotels, free breakfast and the 2 theater tickets for $500.

Back a year ago, I mentioned that I was going to scan all my negatives to digital. I finished that project and found this little gem. I don’t remember why everyone was looking at the woman. I didn’t even remember where I took this until I saw the sign at the top left. I’m assuming it’s Victoria Station, based on some quick Google searches.

Times were simpler then. People, less suspicious. I could take pictures of most anything without the fear of upsetting anyone.

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