Traditional Wall

Traditional Wall, Kinkakuji - Kyoto, Japan

Traditional Wall, Kinkakuji – Kyoto, Japan

Rounding out my last post from the Kinkakuji series, here’s yet another non-traditional tourist photo. As I mentioned yesterday, I often like to look for compositions away from what others are photographing, just to create something different. I found this near the entrance to the temple.

The stout wall with the soft earthen color sets off nicely against the lush green. The thin white lines look wonderfully modern, especially decorating, what I’m assuming, is an old wall.

I forget that Japan is a rainy place, especially compared to Central Texas. There’s a lot of greenery and with lot of detail if you look close enough. Often in shady places, there’s an abundance of moss and lichen. These grounds look well maintained and somewhat minimalist. I’m sure it takes a constant effort to rid the ground of weeds. I do however, like how they left a fuzz of plants near the base of the stonework.

Captured with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the 14-150mm versatile travel zoom at a 34mm equivalent. A peaceful scene at a heavily trafficked tourist destination. If I used a super wide-angle, you would see many people, on the adjacent stone path, walking towards the entrance. That’s the beauty of a selective composition. No one has to know what’s outside the frame.

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