Red Bench

Red Bench - Kurashiki, Japan

Red Bench – Kurashiki, Japan

There’s nothing I like more, visually, than striking contrast, especially when it comes to things architectural. The mix of modern and old, shape and texture as well as color, it’s all there in this image.

I saw this as I walked around the Bikan Historical Quarter in Kurashiki, a well-preserved area featuring traditional Japanese warehouses. There are a number of museums too, which I didn’t visit. This bench looks like an art piece, appreciated by people interested in design.

Captured with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and the Olympus 14-150 lens at 68mm equivalent.

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6 thoughts on “Red Bench

  1. I often wonder what scenes like this look like to people with normal color perception. There is the difference in shape and texture of course, but being color blind this wouldn’t have looked like much to me if I were passing by. Tonally, the bench blends in with the background to my eyes. Does it leap out to you?

    1. I worked in high tech doc for many years and one of the places I stayed for a long time, the boss, who was also lead developer, was color blind. He made it his business to make sure that in our application, every color could be clearly seen by him and hopefully, other color-blind people. The world is NOT designed for you. I was also married to a man who was color blind … and my perfect peach dress looked like gray to him. I developed a passion for very strong colors. He might not always see the actual color, but at least he could tell it was different.

    2. Hi Mike,

      Yeah, the color for me jumps out. Conversely it’s hard to me to imagine your world. But, because of your unique perspective, I think your black and white eye is a lot stronger than many. Certainly more than me.

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