European Tourists in Miyajima

European Tourists - Miyajima, Japan

European Tourists – Miyajima, Japan

During my second trip to Miyajima, I ran into these folks from Europe. The two guys, Felix and Fredrik, are from Sweden, who I met on the train on the way to the ferry. They were suffering mightily from Japan’s hot and humid weather. But really, they weren’t even experiencing the worst of it. For someone used to Central Texas, it didn’t bother me much. Anika is from Slovenia, who we met during the boat ride.

I was only able to visit with these folks for a short time, but enjoyed it immensely. Meeting people from different lands — one of the pluses of traveling, of course. I somewhat regret never “backpacking” across Europe before college — something my little sister did. In many ways, I’m more open and adventurous now, at 54, than I was when I was a teenager.

I’ve heard it said that when you are young, you have time but don’t have money. When you are older, you have money but you don’t have time. I’m definitely in the time poor and resource rich phase of my life. Meeting these people made me imagine more carefree scenarios. If I were back in my twenties, would I have just hung out with them, without much of a plan? Traveling around Japan and perhaps Asia without a care?

I don’t regret or miss my youth, though. On almost every front, I’m happier now than I was back then.

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2 thoughts on “European Tourists in Miyajima

  1. I agree, connecting with people from different places is one of the best aspects of travelling. I got married in my twenties and my wife and I went off on a 6 week honeymoon. Four years and 30 countries later we came back home. Now, thirty years later, my wife still feels homesick for the road. Me, I’m happy at home or away but I consider travelling to be a good thing, at any age or any time and in whatever capacity. My favourite trips are those off the tourist trails but those are harder to come by now. The world is definitely getting smaller. The question is: Will that prove to be a good thing or a bad thing? Anyway, the memories that stand out the most for me are the faces of the people we met along the way. I don’t remember their names but I still see their smiling faces quite vividly.

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