Chennakesava Temple, Framed

Chennakesava Temple, Framed - Somanathapura, India

Chennakesava Temple, Framed – Somanathapura, India

The covered stone walkway, as impressive as it is, is nothing compared to the main temple building, located in the center of the courtyard. The intricate carvings are hard to believe today where we are inundated with efficient cost-conscious construction. It’s amazing what devoted people can do when not interrupted by the ever-changing, fast-paced modern world.

This Hindu temple was built in 1258 in the Hoysala architectural style. The interior is accessible and is also covered with ornate details. I made images inside but this external photograph makes more of an impression.

I used the repeating arches of the covered walkway to frame the temple building. What resulted is a layer of detailed stonework in the foreground, mid-ground, and background. I was lucky that I was able to include two women in the frame to give a sense of scale and to soften the repetitiveness of stone.

Like yesterday’s photo, I featured today’s in my book of India but as a black and white. This color version shows more detail in the framing element, which comes through as perhaps a more artistic black silhouette in the book.

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