Dean and Deluca Breakfast

Dean and Deluca - Honolulu, Hawaii

Dean and Deluca – Honolulu, Hawaii

Here are a couple of surprising food-related facts about me. One, I don’t drink coffee — I never developed a taste for it. Two, I no longer eat breakfast. I’ve evolved my diet over the last few years and significantly reduced carbs and sugar. Hence I no longer drink Coke, as I mentioned yesterday. I now eat a late lunch, around 2 – 3pm, and then dinner around 7 – 8pm.

However, I try not to be dogmatic about my food, especially on vacation. My wife, who loves coffee, headed to Dean and Deluca. I tagged along, making sure to bring my camera. She got her latte and a wonderfully delicious-looking croissant. I made an exception and had about a third of the tasty pastry. It was perfectly crunchy, buttery, and airy. My wife gave a big thumbs up on the coffee too.

Dean and Deluca is an upscale grocery store. I’ve heard of them before back in New York City. I was surprised that all but two of the 37 locations have shut down. The two remaining stores are in Honolulu. We’ve visited both during our stay.

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