The Power of Perspective

Kayla and Kenzie - Blanco, Texas

Kayla and Kenzie – Blanco, Texas

This Precision Camera event had pre-setup shots and flexible portraiture opportunities, working well for all attendees since it gave people options. I stumbled upon this setup after shooting somewhere else. This concept was the stereotypical black vs. white symbolism used in film. Typically in the old westerns, the “good guys” wore white, and the “bad guys” wore black.

My tendency these days, mainly reinforced by my approach to architecture, is to shoot straight on. Like I did below. It’s a perfectly adequate though unoriginal approach. I also wasn’t fond of the wagon wheel bench, which seems too touristy. But I shot it as is. Suppose I rearranged the setup and approached this architecturally. I would’ve had both models seated next to each other on the bench, centered in the frame, with copious white space on either side. That would soothe the structured approach I take these days and purposely create visual tension.

I then switched position shooting from the side, as seen above. I forget if someone suggested this or if I followed someone’s lead. Either way, it made a much more compelling photograph. Here, Kayla gets top billing, and Kenzie becomes the supporting actor. What makes this interesting, however, is Kenzie’s jealous expression while Kayla preens at the camera. The interaction of both models is what elevates this picture in my book.

Notice also that the models have not changed positions. A shift in my perspective made all the difference.

Kenzie and Kayla - Blanco, Texas

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