A Site Index to this Blog

I wanted to do this for a while and I finally finished it. I wanted to create a site index of all the posts I’ve made on this blog. Even though I’ve slowed down some, over the last year, I wrote about 70 posts — hard to believe. I broke up my posts into some rough categories that seemed to make sense for me. The Review and Observations sections are the largest and I’ve broken them down into subcategories. The other categories include some of my photo philosophy and photo industry trends that I have seen. I think my two favorite posts are under the Photo Essays section. There I wrote about my visit to the two old and non-functioning power plants in Austin, Holly Street and Seaholm.

Looking over my posts, I’ve seen changes over the last year. My earliest posts were simple, short and more focused on one photograph. Over the year, my posts have become longer and many of the entires have multiple photos. Instead of short photo oriented posts, I have started to write more about my thought process and things that I’ve discovered about photography. My second blog that I started in February, mostlyfotos focuses on the photograph with very little text. Over the next year, with these two blogs, I can focus on different things. This blog will continue to have medium to longer form text content with some photographs, typically to illustrate a point. My one a day photo blog, mostlyfotos, will continue to showcase my range of photography.

If you look near the top right of this page, you will notice the links to the site index and mostlyfotos. These links will be available on every page so you can quickly access them at any time. I’ve also further revamped my right hand column with my Twitter feed and a link to my Facebook Fan page. I hope you visit these links and read some of my earlier posts or look at a sample of my photography. Thank you for continuing to visit my site and please let me know if you have suggestions for future blog posts.

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