Has it been 2 years already?


2 years ago, I started this blog. And after two years I finally feel like I’m finding my voice. I think like photography, a semblance of a style has begun to form. It is still in the primordial oozing stage so what is currently developing may turn into an evolutionary dead-end. But the good news is that I’m finally starting to move from just creating random posts to developing a set of stories and expressing my perspective on photography and camera equipment.

I continue to learn a lot about writing, developing a site and the general creative process. Much of what I said a year ago on my first anniversary post is still relevant and I won’t rehash them here. The main thing I’ve learned is sometimes it is more important to “just do it” than strive for perfection. I know I’m not the greatest writer but with practice I’m getting better and faster. Getting the ideas down and posting them is what counts. It is analogous to going out there and shooting photographs all the time. Repeated practiced does help. I’ve learned that writing is a skill and a craft just like photography.

I’ve learned that creating an audience on the internet is damn difficult. There is so much noise out there that getting noticed and having people coming back is such a challenge. A challenge that I, at times, wonder why I am taking. But over time my audience has grown and the general trend seems to be going up, though to my chagrin, it is quite an irregular climb. I’ll be lying if I said I was doing this just for myself. Sure, I’m proud of what I’ve written, photographed and the site I’m building. But I would love to have more people enjoy what I’m doing and maybe gain some insight or a new perspective from what I have written or photographed. Thank you to the people who have come back and over and over to visit my site. Some have added their comments which is wonderful and I know there is a larger group that just visits quietly. I feel immensely happy when I run into someone and they say they enjoyed what I’ve written.

I’m begun to add more of my opinion these days. My objective is to be well thought out and not come across as a jerk but I’ve realized that a blog is a platform for opinion. I try as hard as possible to be factual but this is not journalism. This site is ultimately going to be about my perspective, right or wrong. I’ve received some more negative comments which ultimately means that I’m doing the right thing. Sure, its tough and at times I feel a bit hurt by some of the comments; I think most people would like people to agree with them. But this is not reality. And I understand that if I express a stronger opinion there will be equally strong opinions that will come back. As long as we are respectful of people’s positions, it’s all good.

Over the year I’ve done some design tweaks to the site and got it pretty close to the way I want it (at least within my ability). I’ve started to add affiliate links in hopefully a non-annoying way. Thank you to the people who have purchased items via my links. Keep in mind that while I my promote a product that I use and like, you can always click on my links to buy any other product, even non camera gear, and I will receive a small commission. I realize that there are many other sites vying for your affiliate clicks so thank you for using mine.

Finally, I’ve gotten a bit more confident in the commercial aspect of my little operation. Whether it’s people who want to license my images or me asking people for money (via affiliate links), I’ve learned that if you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will. I don’t consider myself a natural sales person but it doesn’t hurt to be able to sell. So In that spirit, please use the following links to support this site. Click on the links before you buy from these sites and I get a small commission and you will get the product at the same price and the satisfaction of supporting a blog that you find enjoyable.

Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Has it been 2 years already?

  1. Congratulations! You’ve been really helpful and I’ve learned a lot from you. I got really tired of forums where everybody was telling me to get a “real” camera!

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad I can help in some way. I too will tell you to get a “real camera”, a real camera that you like.

  2. If it wasn’t for your sane independent voice I probably never would have tried the Oly Pen – I’m happier than a clam and now have 3 m4/3 bodies, one of them converted for full spectrum and infrared shooting. Yes I have the big gun cameras, but I am having more fun than ever with the small stuff. And I even tempted fate and recently bought a bargain Canon Elph which is barely the size of a box of Altoids, And it’s pink LOL. I wonder if my my Leica friends will hold it against me 😉

    I;m tired of the rah-rah fanboys, tired of ratings with stars, I’m more interested in what works in real life. Congrats on your good work.

    1. Wow, thank you. I didn’t realize that you are up to 3 4/3 bodies. I will certainly try to stay independent, but of course we all have biases, consciously or unconsciously.

      1. I now have 2 E-PL1 bodies and a Panasonic G10 that is converted to full spectrum. I like the G10. It has an EVF. It is not a “great” EVF but very capable for what I do, and I could not shoot infrared without it. Here are some samples of some of the faux color infrared I have been doing. I do B&W IR too.




        I am looking at the Lumix 25mm 1.4 – I have just seen some tests from a friend of mine for that lens and it is stunning. He is going to load it to me for a week. That will probably be the last lens I get.

        The second PEN body came last week. I’ll throw the 17mm on one and the 20mm on the other. Although I have been doing some tests recently with the 14-42 kit lens, and it’s not half bad.

  3. Enjoying this recently discovered blog. It all started because I wanted to make my mind about my future camera, but by now, it is simply a reading pleasure during my (very early) morning commute.

  4. I find the mouseover data display to be of particular interest. It’s a great learning tool for people like me — more than a little uncertain about what we’re doing and still in the very early stages of familiarity with Olympus micro 4/3rds cameras.

    Your portfolio displayed on the associated website is very impressive.

    If I want to see camera / lens / settings data for those shots is it available? It would also be nice to know the type of processing used when it is a significant contributor. For example, is the Honolulu wet-street-at-night shot HDR or other blended image techique? Or is it incredible proficiency at getting it right in-camera?

    It’s probably asking a lot to request even more, considering what the reader is paying for the info. But, that’s life in blog-land.

    Thanks for what you are doing and keep on doing it…please.

    1. Mike, I don’t have the mini-exif data on all my posts since I started that fairly recently. Maybe someday I’ll have to go back and update all my posts but that’s a lot of work and I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. For the newer posts I do mention if I used HDR. On mostlyfotos have the the exposure details but I also mention in my tags if it was HDR. As for the Waikiki wet street shot, yes it was a HDR.

      The vast majority of my photographs where processed pretty simply using Apple’s Aperture 3 program. I will have to do a blog post on my post processing in the future.

      1. Thanks, Andy — I see that a bit less laziness on my part will produce information on those portfolio images which were described in detail as part of their original blog entry. The site index is a big help in tracking them down. And no, there’s no reason to go back and add the mini-exif data after the fact. That’s way too much effort that could be spent on taking more great photos.

        The HDR used in the Honolulu wet street scene, by the way, is exactly the way the technique should be used. It restores the way the eye sees things. Maybe a little added sizzle, but a little goes a long way.

  5. Andy, I was certain that I left a comment here yesterday, but I do not see it here today….

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I only became aware of your blog recently, but I find it very informative, and your level of photography is at a level that I hope to be able to achieve someday myself.


  6. On statistics: Yesterday, early in the morning, statistics were saying I’d had 6 views … and there were 19 likes visible on the post. I think subscribers who only read our posts in their email rather than clicking through to the site don’t get counted. There’s definitely a disconnect somewhere and I suspect numbers of actual readers exceeds the count by quite a lot. Just saying!

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