A fantastic video review of the EOS M

This is one of the best video reviews I’ve seen. The stop animation segments towards the beginning and end are priceless. They summarize the entire situation with the mirrorless Canon. I agree with Chris’ review of the EOS M, though he was a lot more forgiving than me.

One question, where are the market leading (at least in sales) Olympus cameras?

6 thoughts on “A fantastic video review of the EOS M

  1. The store in Canada does not sell Olympus, this no appearances. In the circles I traveled in years back, Oly was always considered kind of the lost stepchild. Only the mom and dad hobbyists I knew used Olympus. In my world it was only Nikon, Hasselblad, Leica, Linhoff, Schneider, Zeiss. You never heard the terms Canon or Olympus.

    Yeah the videos are cute. It was pretty cool when Leica showed up to the party 😉

    1. Thanks Libby. Interesting to know the history of the brands. I know Canon only recently became known as a “Pro” brand. Makes sense about Olympus, they made quirky smaller cameras even back in the film days.

  2. The animated party videos were very funny! The Camera Store does several other videos where they review other cameras, and I have found them all to be very informative. They did a 3 part side-by-side comparison between the Nikon D800 and the Canon 5D Mark III which was excellent. I don’t know how they make any money by doing these video reviews, but they certainly have my attention.

  3. There is a murky story behind The Camera Store’s relationship with Olympus. They carried Olympus for a while, but then had a falling-out because The Camera Store wanted to offer lower prices on Oly gear. Oly said no, so The Camera Store said no to Oly. The Camera Store even had a memo on their website explaining the situation. This all happened a few years ago. I guess they still haven’t made nice with each other.

    Their videos are quite amazing. As for how they make money from the videos, The Camera Store is in Calgary, Alberta. That’s the Canadian oil patch. Calgary, and Alberta, has an economy that is the envy of the rest of Canada. There is money sloshing around out there.

    1. Peter, thank you for the interesting backstory. Their reviews are great. Perhaps not the legendary status of Kai over at DigitalRev TV but informative none the less. Can’t beat the Asian with the British accent. My son absolutely thinks that’s cool.

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