Zack Arias, Fujifilm and memories of India

I love this video. I’ve watched it several times and always find it interesting. I connect with it on several different levels.

I made my first ever trip to India back in February of this year. It was an amazing time and this video reminds me of my experiences. As Zack mentioned, India is overwhelming. It’s also different and intoxicating — a street photographer’s paradise. Unlike Zack, I didn’t get to shoot a gorgeous model on a pile of saris but there’s always the next time. I’m not at Zack’s level photographically but I shot some memorable photos. Here is a link to my India photographs, if you are curious. Make sure you hit the “<< Previous Photo” link because I have several pages of photos.

I have tremendous respect for Zack Arias' work. He is a Atlanta, Georgia based portrait photographer and is well-known in the internet circles. But for me, it is his street photography that pulls me in, even more than his wonderful portraits. He has several photographs from New York City on his Fujifilm X100 review that really speak to me. The architecture photo and the motorcycles in Times Square, in particular, exactly fits the type of photographs that I like to make.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post and several times throughout this blog that I have a soft spot for the Fujifilm X100. And while the featured X-Pro1 does not interest me, it’s the lower priced X-E1 that gets my consideration. I realize that Zack could have taken these photographs with an Olympus Pen. After all, is it really the camera? Not really, and the camera manufacturers know this.

The location, the skilled and humble photographer and modern-retro camera all combine to make this a compelling video. Curse Fuji for making such an enticing commercial. If I weren’t so frugal I probably would run out and get me one of those cameras. But the voice inside my head correctly says that the equipment I have is good enough — It is the photographer that needs be upgraded. Perhaps I can use the money that I would have spent on the camera to go back to India. Now that would be money well spent.

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