Missing Flickr and losing track of friends

Silicon Laboratories Headquarters at Sunset - Austin, Texas

Silicon Laboratories Headquarters at Sunset – Austin, Texas

I started my online presence on Flickr. Things were a lot simpler, social media wise, back then. A bunch of local Austin photographs kept in-touch via this photo sharing site. I had a pretty large following and there was only one place to post my photos.

Then things changed. People started shifting more to their personal blogs, Facebook, 500px and even Google Plus. The cohesive community started to break down. I am guilty myself. Despite my best efforts, after expending energy on my blogs, I found it increasingly difficult to stay active on Flickr. I let my presence diminish and I regret that now. I’m starting to post sporadically again but my friends have either left altogether or busy looking at other people’s work.

I’m reminded of the simpler days and the confusing array of online sites today, when a Flickr friend visited from Germany. He contacted Jim as he passed through Austin. I met Jim, Kay and his wife in downtown Austin for a Flickrwalk a week ago. We did our typical tour for out-of-towners. Start at the Driskill Hotel on 6th street. Walk up Congress Avenue for a tour of the State Capitol. Down Congress to the river just in time for sunset. Finally shoot the Austin skyline during blue hour. I captured the photograph above, at sunset, just as I crossed the river. An old-fashioned HDR, for old times sake (though I shot it with my small mirrorless camera instead of a DSLR)

This get together reminded me of the best part of Flickr. An easy way to meet a world-wide, friendly group of photographers. Facebook and Google Plus aren’t the same — there is too much noise. I want a place to interface with people through photography. I don’t want to know about their religious, political and social viewpoints. I may have to go retro and go back to Flickr. I am, however, staying with my smaller mirrorless cameras. Some trends are here to stay and the move away from the DSLR is one of them.

By the way, my Flickr account is atmtx

Photograph taken with my Olympus E-PM2 with the 14mm f2.5 lens and the Panasonic wide-angle adapter.

Click on the photograph to see a larger image and hover over the photo to see the exposure detail.

12 thoughts on “Missing Flickr and losing track of friends

  1. I gave up on Flickr too, but I don’t really miss it. I’m in touch with the same people in other ways. And I got tired of having my work stolen, so I took it down. But it was fun for a while, anyway.

    1. There is always a risk of theft the more you upload photos to different places. I only upload photos at 1024×768. That is still usable for web but not for serious applications, I guess.

  2. It’s lovely to see the Facebook and Google +1 share links under that post 🙂

    Placing “Facebook and Google Plus” in one line like that is just wrong. Albumwise, G+ gives a much better presentation since it implements much more neutral colours as a frame, opposed to the ugly FB-blue.

    You do make a good point on the commenting, it’s got something different in mind. But that’s the digital social life of today I guess, people feel the need to get their message across. Even though they could just simply be enjoying the wonderful photos you make.

    What worries me most, though, is the proprietary of your work. Is your photo still yours after you’ve practically given it to one of the two corporate giants that claim the world as their property?

    I love the warmth in that photo by the way, and I don’t have a religious/political/social point of view to share on it 😉

    1. I agree that G+ has a better interface for photography. And I think there is an active photographer community there. I still prefer Flickr’s presentation though.

      The issue of photo ownership applies to an of the sites you upload to. I think Flickr is more transparent about this than Facebook, for example.

  3. I am with you Andy, and honestly I have been trying to focus my efforts just on the blog and Flickr, I have made a little bit of money from Flickr from Getty and people finding me to purchase work, so I am trying to keep active there, but it has been tough. I am not bought in to the whole G+ thing yet, dont know why but I just dont have time. But you are 100% correct, Flickr is where I met allot of great people so I have to get more active there again. Great post!

  4. Google+ seems to exist largely for the purpose of self-promotion.

    Maybe I just haven’t learned the technique of making it valuable as a means of gathering interesting material. For the most part it appears to be a vast tribe of people congratulating one another for posting.

    That’s a shame (if accurate) because Google+ does offer exceptional quality in presentation of photos.

    I use it to keep track of my daughter’s photographic wanderings. She apparently finds it a better fit than keeping up a continuously refreshed blog — lots of work, as you know.

    She avoids the inane yelps and yawps of approval so many of these people keep hurling at one another and appears to have found a number of photocentric circles with which to interact.

    This is probably a generational thing. I remain hopelessly behind the curve in internet use.

  5. I agree strongly with this post. I use Flickr, 500px, G+ & FB. As I am not trying to sell anything, I am more interested in the community aspect of these sites and using them as a route to learn and find like-minded people. I think Flickr is miles ahead in being able to locate interesting people, I just hope all the interesting people don’t decide to leave!!

  6. Very interesting comments Andy thanks for sharing. I started putting my photos on Facebook but I really didn’t like how FB modified them, I was often disappointed in the result. I moved to Flickr about 2 years ago and have been very happy with the results and currently only use Flickr. I enjoy the various groups on Flickr as well. I just recently joined Google+ but I’ve not tried adding any photos yet. And yes I have you as a contact on Flickr, so keep posting your work there, I always enjoy seeing it!

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