What will your verse be?

I often wonder and I’ve also been asked,
“Why do you spend so much time on photography and blogging?”

This video from Apple explains why, better than I ever could.

What will your verse be?

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12 thoughts on “What will your verse be?

    1. Cedric, for me it’s both, together. I love Dead Poets Society and Robin Williams gave a powerful speech but it’s together with the visuals that adds the modern context. I see the modern tools that we use, the digital camera, the computer and perhaps even the iPad as the tools for our creation and passion. The video taps the both the creative and the geek part of my brain.

      1. When I first saw this my kids were watching YouTube on our TV and I watched it without knowing what it was about. I recognised the monologue and got caught up in the beauty of the scenes in the film sequence. I didn’t notice the gear and I didn’t even notice the splash screen at the end for iPad Air (which probably says something about my powers of observation. Or lack thereof). A few days later I saw an article on a tech site about the new Apple ad and for some reason felt so deflated and disappointed when I realised it was the same video. Weird huh? For me it just rendered the beautiful into a marketing gimmick. The ad says nothing about the iPad. It simply uses association in the worst possible way. At the end, below the small print where it says “Extra hardware required for some uses”, it should also have: “Creativity and passion not included” because to me, this ad gives the impression that those two things come out-of-the-box. Sony are guilty of the same. I guess that’s just the way things are in this oversaturated, superlative world we live in now 🙂

      2. I understand your comment and your feelings. I’m personally not over analyzing the ad. I’m taking it at face value.

        But the small print about “Creativity and passion not included” applies to almost anything in life, doesn’t it?

      3. Cedric, I perfectly understand. I personally need to shutdown my over-analysis tendencies at times, with varying degrees of success. 😉 You see it at play when I review cameras or make comments about the camera industry.

        I try to balance that out with photography and my attempt at art to counter balance it somewhat. Always thinking of how to balance the technical and art on this site.

      4. We are somewhat alike then. I blame my career in IT for my need to over analyse everything. Like you, I try to balance it out with art and photography. Though I have found that lately, my interest in creativity has only made me acutely aware of how unfulfilling my job has become. Oh well, such is life.

  1. Cedric, one only has a finite number of days on this Earth and that number is unknown to oneself, so instead of being on the merry-go-round of living life caught up in an unfulfilling ‘job’ get out there and take risks in creativity, love and life by actually doing something you want to do. You sound trapped in a void of need or to live someone else life…
    I read where your son has academically achieved worth in school yet he wants to be a writer… yes he is young but he does not have life experience so may fall whereas you I assume by seeing your art and reading your words unspoken have life experiences to be able to balance the artistic and burdoning needs your life requires with what your soul yearns to chase. Good luck in your remaining hours/days/months/years…I look forward to seeing more of your work and reading your blogs. Remember, life is short upon this earth in this encapsualted thing we call a human body, and to experience wonder we must listen to our inner self and soul taking direction from our guides and angels!

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