Number Ten

CONTAX T2 at Precision Camera - Austin, Texas

CONTAX T2 at Precision Camera – Austin, Texas

Curse Precision Camera. I was all ready to settle down for the rest of the year and I made the mistake of visiting them yesterday. Wow, a pristine CONTAX T2. Used of course, but in mint condition. I asked them to hold the camera for a few days, just in case. This camera is not going to stay around very long.

After a night of research, I decided to bite. I bought it today just so that I can say I bought 10 cameras this year. A dubious distinction, to be sure. My friend Mike, perhaps jokingly, commented “Still a few days left in the year. Make it an even 10?”. Well I guess Mike was right.

Some call this the best compact film camera ever made. Many put it on their favorites list. I originally considered the T2 but opted for the Nikon 35Ti instead, another premium titanium camera from the same era. The 35Ti is a fine camera but there’s one feature that bugs me — it defaults to the flash always being active. I need to push a cumbersome button, while taking the picture, to deactivate flash. The T2, on the other hand, defaults to the flash turned off — big difference.

I got the CONTAX T2 as a collector’s piece but I also plan to shoot it. It’ll be fun to compare the CONTAX against the Nikon. Two very similar cameras in specs but very different in terms of design.

I hope you have a healthy and happy New Year. Thank you all for continuing to visit. I have lot more photography and camera stories planned for 2015 — see you next year.

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4 thoughts on “Number Ten

  1. Andy, I like your blog for it’s writing, insights, etc but also because it saves me money. You keep buying all this gear and it satisfies my new gear lust virtually through you. All the best for 2015! Keep those purchases going – you are saving us $$$. Cheers, Don

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