The fine folks of Kerrville, Texas

Joe and Crystal - Kerrville, Texas

Joe and Crystal – Kerrville, Texas

I’ve lived in Austin for 25 years now but I joke that I don’t live in Texas. And for people for live here, they probably understand what I mean. Austin is a little different from the rest of Texas. When in Kerrville recently, a small city two hours west, I found a small slice of Texas.

Two weeks ago, I was at Precision Camera University, which was held in Kerrville, this year. The bar at our Resort/Hotel complex was apparently one of the in spots of this small hill country city and it was packed with locals. Us city slickers from Austin, San Antonio and Houston must have stood out, since we attracted attention.

I have to admit that I’m uncomfortable visiting small town bars like this. The Texas two stepping and the twang of country music is not my scene. I have nothing against bars, of course. I frequent them in Austin. But those places are different. 6th Street is mostly college kids and tourists. The rest of downtown Austin seems to be overrun by hipsters.

The Kerrville folks were as friendly as can be. Some lived there, their entire lives, and seemed genuinely curious about life in the big city. The crowd from PCU mingled freely that opening night, a great way to kick off the 3 day event.

I asked if I can make a portrait. Joe, relatively new to Kerrville, made it there via Los Angeles and El Paso. Crystal is a native and life long resident. A memorable environmental portrait. Shot with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the Panasonic Leica 25mm at f1.4 and ISO 5,000.

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