Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation Center - Hot Springs, Arkansas

The Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center, now called the Arkansas Career Training Institute looms large over bathhouse row. An already large structure, it looks all the more impressive, perched on top of a hill. Built in the early 1930s, it was the first joint Army and Navy general hospital.

I shot all three photos at a 24mm equivalent with the Panasonic ZS50. I used the built-in HDR mode which automatically shoots several images and combines them, in-camera, into a single photograph. The resulting image is detailed and with higher dynamic range, but tends to be flat and muted, color-wise. I find black and white conversions work well for these in-camera HDRs.

Part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

Rehabilitation Center - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Rehabilitation Center - Hot Springs, Arkansas

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2 thoughts on “Hot Springs Rehabilitation Center

  1. The old St. Elizabeth in Boston after which “St. Elsewhere” was modeled (the TV series) is very similar in style and placement. One of the doctors gave me a little history on it. He said it was first a hospital for TB patients because they though the fresh air (and constant breeze up there at the top of the hill) would be good for patients. I asked him “Was that true?” and he said “No … it just helped spread TB far and wide.” But it’s still quite the impressive architectural effort and you can’t beat the view.

    1. I remember the show “St. Elsewhere” but never really watched it. Those old hospitals are kind of neat architecturally but I’m not sure if I want to be in them as a patient.

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