Warm Glow, Friday's - Memphis, Tennessee

I’m attracted to glow like a moth to a flame. As I prowl the city at night, I look for reflection and warmth, originating from man-made sources. This lovely band of gold caught my eye, through a window on the streets of Memphis. Is it a unique local establishment? A place with a storied history?

I snapped a photo and continued past.

Another sparkling scene but with a message, “In Here, It’s Always Friday”. A letdown. My exotic find was merely a chain restaurant called Fridays. What ever happened to the “TGI” part? The world is too busy now, the name must be shortened.

It made for nice photos though, shot with my modest Panasonic ZS50, to record the night. In search of glow — even if it’s from an ubiquitous corporate chain. Part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

Is it cruel to post about Friday’s on a Monday?

Warm Glow, Friday's - Memphis, Tennessee

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2 thoughts on “Friday’s

  1. I picked up the ($200 less) ZS40. Got tired of not having a carry-along camera, missing since the ZS25 bit it a couple of years ago. Couldn’t see any significant differences between the 40 and the 50 — or for that matter, the 60 … except prices and the MP count (I like 12 better than 18, but I don’t like 12 $200 more). I used to take my ZS25 everywhere. Not the best camera, but the best camera that fit easily into my purse! I hope this does the same job equally well. The FZ200 is a great camera, but it’s big and clunky and I can’t tuck it in my purse. I hope I made a good choice 🙂 You are still my inspiration.

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