Theater Tuschinski

Theater Tuschinski - Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was a dreary afternoon. Cold with on and off again rain. In fact, there was a fair amount of precipitation during the entire week that I was in the Netherlands, back in 2014. The weather was certainly a hinderance and while I preferred clear skies, there was a distinct advantage to the rain — the reflections. Reflections off the pavement which adds an extra shine and brings out the texture of cobblestones.

They were huddled under the theater’s awning, somewhere in the central core of Amsterdam. The warm lights contrasted nicely against the cold blue of the rain-soaked city. Golden reflections danced on the cobblestones forming an inviting welcome mat. Yeah, I didn’t like the rain, but it made this photograph. Under clear skies, the Theater Tuschinski would not be the same.

Shot with the Fujifulm X100S. Part of my Travelgram Collection.

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