Exiting - Yokohama, Japan

The trains in Japan, especially around Tokyo, can become notoriously packed. Luckily the people are very courteous. Since I only vacation in Japan, I have the option of staying clear of the crowds. I’m usually still sleeping for the morning commute and I’m out shooting the city during the peak of the evening rush. I’ve managed to stay clear of the worst of it, most of the time. Even on moderately crowded trains, however, they are more stuffed than the New York City subways.

I shot this with the Pentax Q7 with the 39mm equivalent prime lens. It’s a tiny and fast setup and works extremely well for street photography. Part of the Deep Blacks collection.

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3 thoughts on “Exiting

  1. I got the Q-S1 a while ago. I have almost all the Q lenses. But it’s Garry who is addicted to the Q7. Since I got it for him — almost 2 years ago now — he has not used any other camera. He loves it and takes it everywhere.

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