Umbrellas, Ameyoko

This is a bird’s-eye view of Ameyoko, a street market located right next to Ueno Station in Tokyo, Japan. A little motion blur, a little rainy and a little moody. Something different from my usual desire for sharp images.

I’m trying to break free of clinically sharp images which may lack character or soul. It’s a hard and slow process. Because most everything you read, other photographers you talk to and gear manufactures stress the desire for sharpness and clarity.

But if you look at the masters, the images that stood the test of time, often they are not necessarily sharp. Rather, they express a mood. Because, I realize that photography is not often about realism. It’s about a concept of an image that invokes an emotion in the viewer.

Shot with the Pentax Q7 with the 39mm equivalent prime lens. Part of the Deep Blacks collection.

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