Middle School Performance

Middle School Performance, AISD Performing Arts Center - Austin, Texas

Middle School Performance, AISD Performing Arts Center – Austin, Texas

I went to another performance today, though very different from The Nutcracker from a couple of days ago. While the technical skill doesn’t match the Austin Symphony Orchestra, it’s more important to me — it was my son’s middle school concert.

My son’s middle school orchestra is top rated in Texas and they were practicing all weekend for an upcoming competition in February. Tonight’s performance was a trial run to fine tune everything that needs fine tuning in a giant music making organization. I rarely take videos but recording my son’s performances are a big exception. I was all set with camera on tripod, in the first row, when the director asked if I can take stills of the orchestra from the stage.

The opportunity to help and to shoot from a completely new vantage point made it worthwhile. I snuck around the periphery and selectively focused on the musicians, doing my best to get everyone. Quite unexpectedly, the Olympus 75mm f1.8 came in handy. With a 150mm equivalent focal length and a bright f1.8 aperture, I could shoot at a reasonable 1/160s shutter and within acceptable ISOs. The AISD Performing Arts Center is a lovely space, but still comparably dark for cameras. I think I got solid shots. I’ll need to cull through my 400 photos and select the best ones for the school.

The photograph above is an example, chosen to keep the identity of the students private. Shot with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, and set to the completely silent, electronic shutter mode.

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