Universal Cineplex at CityWalk

Universal Cineplex, Universal Citywalk - Orlando, Florida

Universal Cineplex, Universal Citywalk – Orlando, Florida

As a stark contrast to the rustic posts of late, here’s a decidedly modern structure, from the Universal side of my trip. Located right outside the Universal Studios parks is CityWalk, a collection of restaurants and entertainment. These establishments stay open later and cater to people who want more, after the parks close.

We were tired and didn’t do anything in CityWalk, besides me snapping a few photos. We needed to pass through the area to get back to the parking garage. Whenever I see a circular structure like this, it begs for shooting it with a super wide-angle, like I did here at a 18mm equivalent. The wide-angle distortions are fun and makes a showy structure all the more dramatic.

Shot at 1/8 of a second with the 9-18mm lens on my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II. The even wider 7-14mm Pro lens would add even more drama but that lens is a whole lot more expensive and heavy. The compact Olympus 9-18mm has served me well and is surprisingly versatile.

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