Blur in a Working Class Mall

Blur in a working class mall - Tokyo, Japan

Blur in a working class mall – Tokyo, Japan

This is from the same working class mall as the 200 Yen photo that I posted about a month ago. Shot in Tokyo, back in 2014, unlike many tourists, I visited the less trendy parts of town — the working class neighborhoods far from the glittering towers of downtown Shinjuku. Many of the less affluent areas of Japan are still safe, but they are dirtier, run down with some closed shops. However, I haven’t seen any blighted neighborhoods in Tokyo.

This is a covered outdoor market, forming a local mall, which are common in Japan. At one time, before the roof, this was probably a regular road with vehicular traffic. Now it’s reserved for pedestrians and the occasional bicycle. I like these older sections of town with the mom and pop shops. They form a nice counter point to the more famous ultra modern views of Japan.

I shot this with the Pentax Q7 with a wide-angle lens, using a tweaked, in-camera JPEG that creates these contrasty black and whites. Part of the Deep Blacks collection.

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