200 Yen

200 Yen - Tokyo, Japan

200 Yen – Tokyo, Japan

I shot this in a working class neighborhood in Tokyo, back in 2014. It’s an open air market along a covered street, that forms a local mall, of sorts. Like many places in the world, it’s the average working class neighborhoods that have the character. The fancy, ultra modern places get all the press, and there are certainly places like that in Tokyo. But it’s educational and visually interesting to go to places off the typical tourist path.

I shot this with the Pentax Q7, using a tweaked, in-camera JPEG that creates these contrasty black and whites. Part of the Deep Blacks collection.

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4 thoughts on “200 Yen

  1. I gave my husband my S1 with the f1.9 “normal” lens to try out for night photography. He really like the Q7, but I think (hope) he will like the S1 as much. It focuses a bit faster.

    1. That’s interesting. I never did get a straight answer out of Pentax about the differences between the two. Most reviews said the S1 was just a cosmetic upgrade with no differences internally. Good to know there were improvements.

      1. A bit faster recycling and focusing. Also heavier and a bit thicker. I like the way it feels in hand better. Less toy-like, but still very small and compact. It’s about 1/4 inch thicker in the body. Just enough to NOT fit in those fitted cases I have for the Q7.

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