Taking in the View, Mount Bonnell

Taking in the View, Mount Bonnell - Austin, Texas

Taking in the View, Mount Bonnell – Austin, Texas

Back in the summer, as I tested the (then new to me) Panasonic ZS50, I went around Austin like a tourist. The panoramic views from Mount Bonnell makes it a popular spot. This is looking west along Lake Austin, which is actually a section of the dammed Colorado River. Below, you can see some of the most expensive suburban real estate in Central Texas. Within the confines and conveniences of the city, while nestled within the Hill Country.

Recently, I’ve experimented with alternate post processing techniques. So the color of this photograph looks very different from the Panasonic ZS50’s stock JPEG. I’ll talk more about my post-processing experiments in a future post.

Shot at a 35mm equivalent focal length and part of my Photo Sketchbook Collection.

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5 thoughts on “Taking in the View, Mount Bonnell

    1. You should go visit your friend and we should get together too. This place is a lot different from New England. Glad your friend likes it here.

      1. My friend’s husband died not long ago, so we’ve been talking about. Just hard with dogs and husband to detach for a few weeks, but I’d love to see her. It has been much too long and we aren’t getting any younger.

    1. Mike, I don’t think there is any flooding. This dammed portion is at a constant water height. So they are safe, unless the dam breaks.

      There are other parts of town, off of Shoal Creek or Onion Creek that floods.

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