Increasing Tactility Part 3

My Photo Book - Austin, Texas

My Photo Book – Austin, Texas

A few weeks ago I dropped a really subtle hint about an upcoming black and white project. I want to talk more about it today. As you can see from the photo, it’s a book. A book of gritty all black and white photos.

First, I created a canvas art piece which I hung on my wall. Next, I featured my gallery of black and white photographs. Today’s book is the third phase to increase tactility in this increasingly clean and virtual digital world. I’m printing my photographs and freeing them from their digital, electricity powered bondage. My goal this year is to make the virtual, physical.

Shooting and storing digital is certainly convenient. I’ve conveniently stored hundreds of thousands of images on my hard drive and in the cloud. Except, finding and unlocking them gets increasingly hard. And, even if I have them on screen, their digital representations are not nearly tactile enough. There is something to be said about having a physical print. Or, a physical book, for that matter.

I did my first test book and it looks great — it achieves the look and feel that I was going for. Last week, I showed it to my photographer friends at Drink and Click and they were encouraging. In fact, a few wanted to buy the book. I’m going to do some small tweaks and will let you know when the project is completely finished. I’m going to make it available for purchase, if you are interested. Stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “Increasing Tactility Part 3

  1. My daughter has a habit of making an annual “best of” collection of her photography, turning it into a book printed inexpensively by Shutterfly. She’ll also devote an occasional one to a theme or an event, like her slow drive coast-to-coast from northern California to Geogia. Shutterfly’s printing and paper stocks are surprisingly good. The fact that they’re incessantly marketing the service via discount offers means she can afford to do this with some frequency. It’s not an “art book” level of quality, but certainly the equal of the highest quality four-color magazine printing, and on much more pleasing paper. Frees the best images from being trapped on a hard drive and represents them well.

    1. Hi Mike, that’s wonderful that your daughter is making books on a regular schedule. Hats off to her.

      I’ve actually created a couple of Shutterfly books of my family vacations. They came out great but this project is going to be very different. A lot grittier and all in black and white, which is not the way my family books look.

      I do also want to make annual books of my favorite family photos. I have lots of ideas, lets see how many I do.

    1. Yes, it took a while but I’m finally making a trade book. I’m going to mention you in a subsequent post, as part of the inspiration.

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