My Home Photo Gallery

My Personal Photo Gallery - Austin, Texas

My Personal Photo Gallery – Austin, Texas

Two days ago, I talked about creating a canvas art piece that I hung on my wall. It’s part of my plans to print and enjoy more of my photography. Digital is fine and convenient but I wanted a more physical manifestation of my photographs and Art-ish images. Today’s post is a followup.

Years ago in our guest room, primarily used by our kids for video games, I added a picture ledge to display images. It started with a mixture of my wide-angle HDR enhanced photographs, along with a nicely framed art pieces created by both of my boys in 2nd grade. I’ve made a change.

The two framed kids pieces are displayed in our master bed room and this picture ledge serves as my small gallery of photographs. Gone are the colorful urban landscapes, now replaced with black and white street photography. I hope and believe that my level of photography and the execution of the prints have improved over time.

I actually printed these with my Canon PRO-100 printer and framed them myself. Both as a point of pride and to keep costs in check. I found an absolutely wonderful paper made by Hahnemuhle, a German paper company in the business since 1594. I used the 11″ x 17″ FineArt Photo Rag Baryta paper. It fits perfectly in a 11″ x 14″ opening with a thick matt and plain black frame that I bought from Aaron Brothers, which is a higher-end framing store owned by Michaels, a craft chain in the U.S.

From left to right, I feature three photos from Japan and two from New Orleans, all of which I’ve included on this blog (you can click to see a larger version of the photograph). If there are no objections from my wife, I’m planning to expand my black and white collection, as well as my canvas prints, to other parts to the house. The downside is, with my open house layout, I don’t have a lot of walls. However, I would like to spread my work, even if it adds a bit of clutter to the currently minimalist bare walls. I’m even open to replacing existing pieces of art with my own.

The point of this post? It’s important to print your photographs. I’ve done it on and off but I’m trying to be more serious about it this year. Seeing your photographs nicely printed and displayed gives them more gravitas and a sense of pride. They also move from being merely a virtual construct to something tangible in the real world.

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11 thoughts on “My Home Photo Gallery

    1. Yes. That paper really works well with black and white. Deep blacks and great contrast. I’m planning mostly black and whites for the future, but I’m sure I’ll have exceptions.

  1. Hey Andy!

    Sue & I both liked your ledge & gallery concept! We don’t really have a place to put a ledge, but the concept is inviting, especially now that we don’t live in earthquake country anymore, or have nearby freight trains!

    Sue wants to see more of my photos around the house, and I’m slowly working on it. So far, all are B+W! (Aside from the 3 below, there are two more some Santa Fe, 11 years ago, that I’m updating the processing on, but they’re also B+W.)

    I want to print some color stuff, too, though.

    I’ve recently had these 3 prints made by my old friend here in Tucson, Steve Dell, who also shoots Olympus. Sue & I found frames at Michael’s that work, and one of these is actually printed on the Baryta paper. Steve has a bunch of different papers, and is doing these matted prints for our club members for $20 (16×20 finished & ready for framing).

    Your image from Japan, the 2nd from the left, is my favorite. Trying to remember now if I saw it on your blog in color or B+W. The B+W looks super!

    Cheers, Chris

    These aren’t very good iPhone shots, but you get the idea… This one’s from our recent trip to Sedona. The lighting here is messing with the sky, which is more uniform in the print.

    This one is from here in Catalina State Park. I was going for a complimentary look to the following image, that one of my schoolmates’ grandmother had collected years ago. He gave it to us, and we had it framed at Michael’s. I think the medium is newsprint, from around 1906 (from others I’ve seen at a gallery here). Her handwriting says, “This is the land I love.” They managed to just get that visible in the matte’s opening.

    And this one is from Saguaro National Park on the east side of Tucson, gathering Monsoon clouds. Very Ansel Adamsy…

    The lighting here is too dark. The jpgs of these are here:


    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for sharing. I definitely encourage you to print your stuff. It makes photography, real.

      All of the black and whites that I printed were also displayed in black in white on my blog. I like that Japan photo too and as nice as it looks on screen. I think it looks better printed and framed.

      I’m planning to print more and possibly move them around my house, as the mood suits.


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