Kids at Play

Kids at Play, Eeyore's Birthday Party - Austin, Texas

Kids at Play, Eeyore’s Birthday Party – Austin, Texas

Unlike my previous Rodeo Austin series, I’m starting with my favorite photo from this year’s Eeyore’s Birthday Party. This one is another candidate for my home photo gallery, as well as the image I featured yesterday.

People who get my free monthly newsletter might recognize this photo; I included it in the May edition. The drum circle with its unbridled dancing is usually my favorite subject at Eeyore’s, but the playful innocence of kids wins out this year. I did shoot the dancing, of course; I’ll show it later as part of this series.

I strategically positioned myself where a steady breeze would blow the giant bubbles towards me. I was then able to capture the kids chasing after them. I made several attempts and this one had the right balance and expressions. Most of my photos reveal themselves pretty simply, but this one requires some exploration, which might be part of why I like it.

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