Surprising Angel

Surprising Angel, Eeyore's Birthday Party - Austin, Texas

Surprising Angel, Eeyore’s Birthday Party – Austin, Texas

This is a fairly typical scene from Eeyore’s Birthday Party. Drum circles beyond the trees not seen in this image, jugglers, onlookers, giant bubble makers, and angels. People hang out, eat, and enjoy the usually decent weather before the start of the oppressive Texas heat.

I hear that there may be less wholesome things going on, up on the hill under trees, away from the open grassy area. But, I haven’t come across it myself; perhaps something changes as twilight approaches. For the most part, the occasional scantily clad person is no worse than a beach with the rare exception of some topless women. There are a lot of families with kids but I suppose the majority of people that go are more accepting and open to alternative ideas.

I, of course, come visit for the people photography. But, also to see a world different from my usual. It’s like visiting a foreign country that has a different culture and a different set of standards. I don’t judge, just observe and document.

The flowing angel dead center commands attention but it’s the woman on the right that makes me laugh. I love her expression. Click the photo to see a larger version.

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