Blur on Vittal Mallya Road

Motion Blur, Vittal Mallya Road - Bangalore, India

Motion Blur, Vittal Mallya Road – Bangalore, India

You might have noticed that this mini-series of three photos are back to my gritty black and whites, which I like for street photography. Though India is a country of spectacular color, I do like monochromes. In fact, I’m working on a project that I’ll talk about in the near future. All I’ll say for now is that it involves a lot of black and white photos.

I was first attracted this wonderful old road sign. It certainly beats the efficient and inexpensive metal versions we have on street corners in the United States, at least for photography. Though it might not be practical in actual use in the modern era. The motion blur I got was a bonus, which I prefer over photos without traffic.

The shutter speed wasn’t particularly slow at 1/60 of a second, but motion blur is relative to speed, of course. The vehicles and even the person must have moved at a decent clip.

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