Radiator Springs Racers

Radiator Springs Racers, Disney California Adventure - Anaheim, California

Radiator Springs Racers, Disney California Adventure – Anaheim, California

In part three of this mini-series, we feature one of my favorite rides at Disney California Adventure. We also see another slice of the epic man-made landscape as part of Cars World. I just noticed the three giant tail-fin mountain formations, which fits perfectly into the Cars theme.

The Radiator Springs Racers starts with a leisurely tour of the town as the action slowly ramps. You see the grand Arizona landscape with waterfalls and distant vistas. Then, the slow pace speeds up into a race between two cars, zipping along banked ovals. It incorporates the Cars movie into the storyline and combines great detailing and some excitement.

Most Disney rides are tame. They don’t have the truly scary rollercoasters with heart-stopping drops and extreme G-forces. This ride is in the fine Disney tradition of catering to most people, from kids to grandparents. It has just enough thrill to increase the heart-rate, but not enough to be scary. It’s my kind of ride.

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3 thoughts on “Radiator Springs Racers

  1. Nice picture! Love the primary colors!
    I wonder if the wait is longer for the red car (Lightning McQueen) than the yellow car!!! Years ago I am quite sure my toddler would have “insisted” (= temper tantrum) to get into the red car!

    1. Good to hear from you, Laurent. The wait is usually long for any car. Different cars come in random order so it’s probably not possible to pick the color.

      But, the folks at Disney are so accommodating, perhaps they will let you wait by the side a little longer to get a red one.

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