The Death of mostlyfotos and the Challenges of Sustained Blogging

Canon EOS M5, Precision Camera Expo - Austin, Texas

Back in February of 2011, I started a second photography blog. There, I posted a single image per day with a minimal amount of text, usually a sentence or so. One image per day blogs were common back then and many of my friends had them. That blog has long been dormant. My last post was on December 16, 2013. I finally pulled the plug on the domain, “”, opting not to renew.

All of the 1045 photo posts are still out there, on blogger, and will probably remain there until Google pulls the plug on that service. If you’re curious, you can see them at

I’m cleaning my sprawling internet content, simplifying or at least deciding not to spend money or time on unnecessary services. I’ve realized that I only have enough bandwidth to do a few things. Inevitably, when I’ve experimented on new internet services, something else tends to drop. That’s why I no longer update Flickr. While I have Facebook and Twitter, these are around primarily to announce blog posts that I make here.

I had several reasons for starting mostlyfotos, as I recall. It allowed me to post comparably large photos with a streamlined and simple interface, which I custom designed. I also liked that I didn’t have to write much compared to this blog, which I started a year earlier.

Back then, I struggled and I really disliked writing. It took me hours to come up with basic descriptions. Mostlyfotos was great because I could easily post a photo without writing much. “I’m a photographer, dammit, not a writer”, I told myself.

Much has changed since then. This blog has gone through multiple format changes. But more importantly, writing started to get easier and less painful. I daresay that I now enjoy writing and consider it an important part of my creative activity. After more than six years of updating this site, I finally consider myself equal part photographer and blogger.

I forget why I stopped updating mostlyfotos. I may have started something new which sapped my time. Or perhaps I was disillusioned with the return on investment, which means I wasn’t getting enough views to warrant the time spend on the blog. Daily blogging or any kind of blogging is hard, especially if there isn’t much of an audience out there. I’ve gone through periods where I’ve second guessed why I spend so much time doing this.

I’m happy with this blog and plan to continue, for now. I hope you also think its worthwhile. My internet presence is simpler — this is my main home and everything else is peripheral. My Instagram is the only other place I post original content. With daily photo postings and stories, analysis and photo essays, wrapped in a responsive, modern interface, this place is more than a one image per day site. Much more than mostlyfotos would have ever become. How times have changed.

Note: There is a shortcut to see the next or previous post, without returning to the main page, kind of like mostlyfotos. Scroll all the way to the bottom, past any comments. There are stylized backward and, sometimes, forward arrows which look like less than and greater than signs. Click on those to see other posts without returning to the home page.

Also, Clicking on my logo, at the top of the page, will always return you to the home page.

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7 thoughts on “The Death of mostlyfotos and the Challenges of Sustained Blogging

  1. I’ve followed you a long time. You not only write okay, you actually write VERY well. I had a boss like you. He hated writing because he was a math major and writing wasn’t his thing. Yet, after a while, not only was he good, he was as good as anyone in the business. It’s amazing sometimes the talent we have within us.

    I have thought about a second blog, but I barely find enough time for this one.

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. That means a lot, especially coming from a writer. I suppose writing is a skill, and with practice, you get better.

      I never had writer’s block and have always had ideas for stories. My challenge is grammar, spelling and typos. What I need is a good editor, I suppose.

      Well, if you don’t have time for a second blog, it’s probably tougher for me.

      1. Talent had to be there. You don’t get this good without having had some talent you never used. I think people who are science heads often ignore writing. It’s not their thing … but surprisingly, they may discover later “HEY, I can do this!” I was awful with numbers. Only much later in life I discovered I could work with them and they actually meant something to me. We all have a lot of little talents, sometimes some damned big ones 🙂

      2. It’s interesting isn’t it? Our hidden talents that sometimes surface and other that may be buried for life.

        I guess it’s a good reason for trying different things and that you’re never too old to learn.

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