Not My Preferred Blue Hour

Blue Hour, ABIA Gate 14 - Austin, Texas

Blue Hour, ABIA Gate 14 – Austin, Texas

As much as I love Blue Hour, and talk about them all the time, I only like the evening ones. Visually, they look about the same, but what you may not know is I’m not a morning person. That’s why I don’t mind shooting urban landscapes late into the night, but I find it tough getting up early.

I went on a quick business trip to California, last week. This was the scene at the Austin Bergstrom Airport at 4:47am for my 5:50 Southwest Airlines to San Francisco. Why the hell are there so many people at this horrific hour?. Yet more evidence that Austin is no longer a sleepy college town.

I shot this with my Canon G7X Mark II, a wide-angle Cinematic, which I’ve taken a liking too. I also brought the Olympus PEN-F and a brand new camera, which I will review soon.

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2 thoughts on “Not My Preferred Blue Hour

  1. My daughter isn’t a morning person either. The first time she had to get up really early (4am) to get to the airport, she exclaimed in total disbelief: “4am is actually a thing?!? Who allowed this?” It was pretty funny.

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