Instagram, iPhone and Breaking Down the Firewall

atmtx Instagram on iPhone 6s

atmtx Instagram on iPhone 6s

A week ago, I made a major change on my Instagram feed. Until that day, I shot all of my previous 620 posts with some incarnation of the iPhone. From the 4 to 4s to 5 to 5s to my current iPhone 6s. I didn’t start shooting seriously until the 4s, when I realized the camera had become quite capable, moving to a 8MP sensor from the original’s 1.9MP. And despite all the improvements, I kept a firewall, of sorts, between my serious work on this blog and Instagram.

Instagram is where I practiced my iPhoneography. Yes, some iPhone photos have made it to this blog but sparingly. Instagram is where I safely keep only my iPhone photos, at least until last week. I have begun posting photos from my non-iPhone cameras.

This change is a realization or acknowledgment of two things. First, that the iPhone is no longer an experiment for me. That it’s a capable camera and shouldn’t be sectioned off into its own cubby. As a full-fledged photographic tool, it should be treated no differently from any other camera.

Second, Instagram is a major force and that I should use it more effectively. Instagram is the new Flickr, which was my original social network, long dormant. Instagram is the future and I should probably migrate my favorite works there, regardless of the camera used. I’ll still post iPhone photos, of course, freely mixing with my other works.

This blog is still my primary avenue of creativity. This format is more conducive to longer posts, more stories and larger photographs. Instagram will remain visual, with smallish images and limited text, targeted towards smartphones for an increasingly mobile world.

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9 thoughts on “Instagram, iPhone and Breaking Down the Firewall

  1. I like Flickr and 500px because you can see how photo was taken and all EXIF data. I use them for pleasure and educational purposes.
    Instagram is a snapchat type of show off teenager app to show their selfies or what they had for breakfast. There’s no any other value.
    But because it’s popularity many people try to exploit it.
    I’m not blaming you for that

    1. Sergio, thank you for your visit and comment. FYI, I also have EXIF info on this blog, just hover over the photos with a mouse to get exposure details.

      There is no question Flickr and especially 500px is a great place for inspiration and education.

      And yes, Instagram is different. It’s a sugary snack by comparison.

  2. I’ve certainly changed my view of phone photography and take it more seriously these days. I’m not there with Instagram (yet?). The presentation of photos there is not appealing to me and I don’t understand why so many people like it. It’s a good way to promote one’s work I guess or so people say. I tried it briefly and ended up deleting my account. I guess I’m in a small minority who would rather spend my time on good photography blogs like yours than swipe through photo feeds. Good luck with it, hope you get something out of it. Maybe I’ll come around to it someday, probably as it starts to lose favor for the next big thing. I seem to be a slow and begrudging adopter. 🙂

    1. Mike, thank you for continuing to visit my blog. And this blog is my most important creative endeavor. Instagram, FB or any other social media site is not going to replace a blog for richness and depth of content.

      But, I don’t seriously use FB or Twitter or most social media sites. I blog here and occasionally posted to Instagram. Yes, Instagram has tiny pictures and is not conducive to really appreciating photography but at least it concentrates on photography, unlike many of the other sites.

      Also, as a creative, I decided that it’s better to have one’s work available where the people are. Even if the site has its limitations. This is not for promotion, per say. It’s more of an acknowledgement of where we (as a society) are. Blogs are great and mine will continue as my centerpiece but personal blogs (in general) are also dying. In this crazy, busy world. Less and less people seem to want to read.

      1. I think it makes sense to share your work where ever you believe your audience to be. I’m not knocking Instagram for others by any means. It’s simply not where I go for image browsing and inspiration. Too “noisy” for me. Lots of people using it for sure and if not for promotion I’m not sure what purpose it serves. I’m not a “creative” and I don’t have that mindset so I’ll readily admit I’m probably missing something.

        It is unfortunate that people don’t like reading these days. Still, there is a lot of quality stuff out there and people who put the effort into maintaining a quality blog of words and images like you do will continue to get my attention over those endless social media feeds of a few good things with a majority of crap.

        Something to ponder though…which is more creative – going with the herd or doing something special on your own and seeing who breaks from the herd to see what you have going on? Keep up what you’re doing here. You are doing a good thing and you are attracting readers. The herd will always be chasing after the next hip thing. Mingle in from time to time if you want but don’t lose sight of what you are really passionate about.

      2. Ultimately, Instagram is a social game or a game substitute. I don’t play any games on my phone and don’t check any other social media except for Instagram. It’s what I do, if I want to pass some time, but I don’t spend much time on it. As you can tell from our, in person meetings, I’m not constantly on my phone.

        I don’t disagree with you, other than to say it’s possible to be serious about blogging and still do a bit of Instagram. In an increasingly social media dominated world on the internet, blogging is the only independent way to publish your thoughts, art and content.

  3. Each to their own. For years people will say to me, “oh is that just an iPad !” Considering I used a slide rule in high school, the amount of ideas and technology is mind boggling to me with the iPad as a tool for capture. In addition the amazing app’s that are created around the world By developers to run on this device is fantastic.
    IG or Instsgram is according to some reports the largest photo sharing platform in the world. For it is creating bridges to other cultures to share our our (my) way of life and help build tolerance.
    Andy I am happy for your thoughts on both iOS and IG. Look forward to sharing our visions and passion for photography using these tools. 🙏♥ Light and 🕊
    PS My handle on IG is: cpaustin2000
    98% of the captures and edits are iPad / iPhone.

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