Instagram as a Calling Card

atmtx Instagram

atmtx Instagram

It’s been a few months since I featured portraits from Drink and Clicks, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy making new ones. I’ve gone to a number of these get togethers throughout February and March. I like to mix things up on this blog, showing my travels and photographic observations, so I don’t want to heavily load up on portraits. But, it’s a different story on Instagram.

More than a year ago, I committed to upping my content on Instagram, but despite my plans and pronouncements, I let my account languish, until recently. At these Drink and Click events, I realized that Instagram is now the perfect calling card. A place to exchange contacts and photos. For models, it’s a perfect place to see the style of a particular photographer. Most everyone at Drink and Click now uses it.

Since the beginning of the year, I’m better at populating my feed. Only occasionally posting something else, to break up the solid block of portraits. My style? Not surprisingly, I’ve turned increasingly to black and white portraits, shot almost exclusively with the Olympus PEN-F and Panasonic 25mm f1.4 lens.

I’ll certainly post more of these portraits on this blog, from time to time. Though I still don’t consider myself a portrait photographer, per say, I’m shooting a lot more people. At a minimum, the monochrome portraits will add to my photographic variety. With nearly eight years of blog history, it’s interesting to see how my photography continues to evolve.

Here’s my Instagram feed, if you’re interested.

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8 thoughts on “Instagram as a Calling Card

  1. I haven’t been on Instagram in a long time and seeing all the portraits you have made in one place like this was rather impressive. Well done to you Andy, I’d say they look more than good enough for you to call yourself a portrait photographer. You would be perfectly justified adding it to your blog header 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cedric. I think these portraits came out decently. However, making portraits of models or want-to-be models are different than with regular people.

      1. That’s true, about photographing models, but I’ve been following you for a long time now and I even went back through your gallery just to be sure I wasn’t imagining things, and you have plenty of portraits of regular folks to make you a fair dinkum portrait photographer mate. And a good one too seeing as they are all quality shots.

      2. Thank you, Cedric. I’m impressed that you managed to use “fair dinkum” in a blog comment. Is that a common expression down under? As I mentioned to Mike, perhaps I’ll keep broadening my portraiture over time.

  2. The tiny size doesn’t do these justice. I was blown away when you showed me these. You don’t seem to grasp what a great portrait photographer you are. Maybe it’s not your thing all the time but you are incredibly talented in this area. I’m puzzled when you seem dismissive of such an enviable skill. You are quite the enigma sometimes, my friend.

    1. If people are interested, they can see them in Instagram too and I’ll showcase a subset of these portraits in upcoming blog posts, so they can see them larger.

      Don’t get me wrong, Mike. I think these portraits came out fine. But, I think taking pictures of models or want-to-be models are very different from taking pictures of regular people.

      Most, if not all of these folks, know how to pose so they require minimal amount of directing. So taking decent pictures of attractive people who know how to pose, does not make you a portrait photographer, at least in my book. Now, if I can make portraits like this of anyone, then it’s a different story.

      Second, at this point, I really don’t have any interest making portraits of regular people. Drink and Clicks are a fun social event. It’s different story scheduling portrait engagements with paying customers. I have no interest in doing this.

      So basically I’m a fair weather portrait photographer, making pretty pictures. Just like I’m a fair weather landscape photographer, not willing to rough it or put in the time to make that ultimate landscape image.

      Just because you have some pretty photos of a particular genre doesn’t make you an expert of that genre.

      1. I understand that you have no occupational interest in portraiture but you have more skill in this area than you give yourself credit. You produce results consistently and that isn’t just luck and models.

        Instagram has an annoying interface that doesn’t really do a very good job of showcasing photography so I don’t use it. Sadly, it’s the only place to see some work I like from particular artists who don’t maintain personal sites. I’ll look for slightly larger photos on your blog.

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