Luigi’s Casa Della Tires

Luigi's Casa Della Tires, Disney California Adventure - Anaheim, California

Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, Disney California Adventure – Anaheim, California

My second, in the tour of Radiator Springs at night, is Luigi’s Casa Della Tires. In the Cars movies, this tire store is run by two Italian vehicles. Luigi is a yellow Fiat 500 and his sidekick Guido is a blue Alza/Tutto forklift.

There are a few fabulous neon decorated buildings in Radiator Springs, and here’s the first example. As I mention often, I love the glow of neon, and the still-wet pavement adds that extra touch.

I made these California Adventure at night photos with the Fujifilm X-T10 and the Fuji 18-55mm f2.8-4 lens. I had bought the used 18-55 shortly before this trip and had minimal experience. I really didn’t know how its image stabilization would compare with the excellent in-body stabilization of the Olympus.

I shot many of the pictures at 1/13 of a second and got mixed results. I didn’t get close to a 100% hit rate that I would have with the Olympus. Things were not looking good until I discovered a critical switch. Somewhere along the way, the image stabilization switch on the lens was turned off. I was actually getting a decent number of keepers handheld at one over half the focal length (1 stop handheld).

After turning on the switch, I started reliably shooting at 1/6th of a second, as I did in this picture. That was enough to get a clean image at ISO 400.

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3 thoughts on “Luigi’s Casa Della Tires

  1. Casa Della Tires? Luigi and Guido? Sounds dangerously like ethnic stereotyping. Do the characters have accents? I may have to file a complaint with the Department of Homogenization.

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