Fillmore’s Taste-In

Fillmore's Taste-In, Disney California Adventure - Anaheim, California

Fillmore’s Taste-In, Disney California Adventure – Anaheim, California

I passed through the food court area to my primary destination, Radiator Springs, at night. About a month ago, when I started this series on Disneyland, I featured Radiator Springs City Hall during the daytime.

This fictitious town in Pixar’s Cars movies looks stunning at night. We start the nighttime series with Fillmore’s Taste-In.

I re-watched part of the original Cars and did some internet research to get the details right. In the movie, Fillmore was the hippie portrayed by a 1960s Volkswagen Transporter Bus. He ran the Taste-In, where you can get alternative lubricants based on Seaweed and Soy. Incidentally, in the first Cars movie, Fillmore was voiced by famous comedian George Carlin.

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