VIP Night, Precision Camera

VIP Night, Precision Camera - Austin, Texas

VIP Night, Precision Camera – Austin, Texas

Twice a year, Precision Camera, may favorite camera store, has a photo expo. The camera and lens companies send representatives, there are classes and special sales. It’s a useful event to see all the latest gear and to pickup deals. For me, it’s also an opportunity to meet and catch up with local photographer friends as well as the camera vendor reps.

For the first time, Precision had a VIP night, the night before the start of the main expo. Open later than usual, the store had extra special deals from 8pm to 10pm. From all indications, it was a smashing success. Not surprisingly, I spent most of my time in the mirrorless area, which you can see here. To the left of frame, Olympus, then Panasonic (Lumix), Fujifilm and Sony. Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron and other accessories were spread out, elsewhere, throughout the store.

This VIP Night was also my first event, post surgery. I started going to work this week, but usually rushed home to rest, afterwards. This event on Thursday was the first time I did anything fun after my operation. Surprisingly, my energy level held up well. No doubt, powered by the photography energy at Precision and the loads of well wishers. I must say, it was really gratifying that so many people cared, both from the fine folks at Precision Camera and the photographer friends that I met that night.

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