AirTrain Terminal 1, SFO

AirTrain Terminal 1, SFO - San Francisco, California

AirTrain Terminal 1, SFO – San Francisco, California

I’ve mentioned I like trains and public transportation systems before, even small ones like this, at airports. They call this one AirTrain, which is the way I get from the terminals to the rent-a-car station. It even has a connection to the area-wide BART train. I just happen to catch the reflected light rays as the train whooshed in.

As you may have seen from my New Orleans coverage, I certainly like those old classic streetcars but actually, I like the futuristic ones even more — the kinds that remind me of SciFi movies. AirTrain is not quite as futuristic anymore but at least the tree like station roof supports adds interesting architecture.

The in-train recorded announcements are typically un-yieldingly optimistic, but I always get a chuckle listening to the AirTrain. The woman’s voice seems tired with a bit of attitude, like she’s sick of repeating the same phrases. In a way, it seems to imbue the messaging with a bit of humanity, instead of the relentless, faux optimism.

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