Rock & Brews, LAX

Rock & Brews, LAX - Los Angeles, California

Rock & Brews, LAX – Los Angeles, California

I had a time-consuming, circuitous route home on my most recent California trip. I went from San Francisco to Los Angeles and finally to Austin. Since I was flying Southwest, I also experienced new terminals. The modern and bright Terminal 2 that I’m used to with American Airlines, was replaced by the stuck-in-time Terminal 1 at SFO. Conversely in LA, Terminal 1 was a lot nicer than the aging American Terminal 4.

LAX is not my favorite airport by a long shot, but I suppose it’s slowly improving. Terminal 1 was still under renovation but I found this open and festive restaurant/bar. It certainly beats the selection at Terminal 4. I figured some leading lines and dramatic black lampshades can add drama to any image. I’ve also flown into the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. It’s certainly nice by U.S. standards, though it pales in comparison to Hong Kong or Singapore.

Of course these airports are massive compared to the single terminal home airport which is Austin-Bergstrom. Perhaps it’s a bit of home town bias but I actually like the Austin airport. There are lots of local restaurants and an airy terminal. At night it’s dark, moody and dramatic. My only gripe, there’s too much clutter and too much advertising. But with barbecue, Tex-Mex and breakfast tacos plus an auditory sprinkling of local Austin music, it could be a lot worse.

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