His First Olympus PEN-F Experience

Reflected Lights, San Jose Museum of Art - San Jose, California

Reflected Lights, San Jose Museum of Art – San Jose, California

For a time, it was rather cold and wet, for my anticipated photowalk with my friend, Dan. It was all downhill for a while after dinner. We ducked in and out of hotels and anything that would give us cover. But with modern smartphone technology, I knew that it should clear up in 45 minutes or so. It’s almost like that scene in Back to the Future II, where Doc could accurately predict when the rain would end.

It was an especially exciting night for Dan, the first time he was trying out his newly purchased Olympus PEN-F. Before his latest photographic investment, he asked me which Olympus I would recommend. I pointed him to this post comparing the virtues of the Olympus PEN-F and the OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

I had a feeling he would go for the PEN-F. His previous Olympus was the PEN E-P5, which I consider the precursor to the PEN-F. Almost as beautiful, but without an EVF and slightly less capable, overall.

I loved listening to Dan’s commentary as he unlocked the features of his new camera. Many of his comments echoed mine, the first time I played with the PEN-F over two years ago. “I love the shutter sound”, he said. Yup, the PEN-F had that wonderful click that belies its modern digital heritage. The machining of the metal, the design and heft all point to a camera from the old film days. Yet, it’s amazingly modern.

I suggested taking pictures of a comparably dark street scene at 1/5 to 1/10 of a second. That’s what I do all the time, with the PEN-F, I assured Dan. Of course, Olympus has one of the best in-body image stabilizers in the business. I think I blew his mind. Or more accurately, this Olympus blew his mind. Sharp results with such a slow shutter speed, without a tripod. I think Dan began to understand.

The scene above, shot safely near the covered walkway of the Fairmont Hotel, the rain cleared up shortly after I made this. As I recall, I had just shown Dan the extra special image stabilization powers of his new Olympus.

It was wonderful shooting pictures with a good friend. It was an extra special feeling that Dan thoroughly enjoyed his first PEN-F experience and I was there with him. I had my PEN-F too, though I didn’t use it much on this trip. You can tell, I shot a lot with the Canon G7X Mark II, creating my fun-for-now wide-angle Cinematics. I also had another camera with me. A new mysterious one, which I’ll review soon.

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2 thoughts on “His First Olympus PEN-F Experience

  1. I hope you’ll be sharing those amazing portraits you showed me on your phone soon. That’s what blew my mind and they have zero to do with the gear. Another camera…really? Sigh… 😉

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